oh...so you want to get offended....
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by Jimmykrakorn December 9, 2004
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The WORST Encyclopedia Dramatica page. Ever. Period. End of discussion.
Dude, I went to Encyclopedia Dramatica last night and saw the Offended page. I don't think I can eat ever again...
by Danny-V August 15, 2008
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The Disease of taking offense for anything and everything told
My friend has an acute case of offendicitis. He even takes offense at this entry.
by r!sk January 18, 2012
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An annoying trend among basic middle aged woman. Often used without knowing why.
Zack West was so offended that he was offended about being offended.
by blockheadseth December 25, 2016
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Strong indicator that you are dealing with an idiot. Pathetic people often use "I am offended" to gain power over others in conversations; with the intent that the other person will cower to them in order to make them feel not offended. However, the correct response to "offended" people is to thank them for confirming that they are an idiot, and move on.
Person A: I am offended by that remark.
Person B: Yes, I see that.
by geekmalone June 24, 2020
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most awful page on encyoclopedia dramatica. 'nuff said.
Just sickening and wrong. Worse than actual ofennding or being offended
by yahmoo23 September 14, 2010
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To be offended. An evil state of mind that causes censorship, kills freedom of speech, destroys urban dictionary definitions (via the remove button), and ruins video games as well as many other things.
People who are able to by "offended" by anything are the worst people on earth. Keep an open mind about things and live and let live. Don't ruin things for other people just because you can't take it. Not everything is pleasent in this world and if you can't take it then you need to grow up.
by srxe2140 August 17, 2004
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