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Emo Memo (pronounced mee-mo) is the name of the opitimy of all emo-ness. He is the classic example of everything there ever was, is, and ever will be about emo. Be nice to the Emo kids, they have feelings too(since they obviously display it CONSTANTLY). An Emo Memo is usually in need of anti-depressants, tissues, and a hug. Maybe all three.
1.Erich Peter. The original Emo Memo. Greasy black hair that is swooshled over to the side, floppy messenger bag with way too many pins/buttons on it, creepy "veggie-leather" brown shoes, books of sappy cliched poetry that doesn't ryhme or make sense and has been done to death, enough tears to make the ocean overflow, anorexic thin-ness, loves manyt emo bands most people have never heard of such as Texas is the Reason, THe Promise Ring, Further Seems Forever, ect., and just being a whiney little emo bitch. But we still love him to death :)
by Me November 29, 2004
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a type of music, if that's what you want to call it, that has no meaning what-so-ever and the "bands" that produce it are worshiped by little teeny-bopper girls that think that it's rebellious and they will get more attention by listening to it. They also try and dress the part and look ridiculous as a result.
Person 1: Do you know that Ashley girl?
Person 2: Oh, the one that wears her little brother's clothes and has the paper clips and screws in her ears?
Person 1: Yeah, it's so sad to see these emo-punk kids in our school.
Person 2: I know, they try way to hard to stand out, it's fucken ridiculous and depressing.
Person 1: Someday, her and all the other little shits will regret ever being like that. I would personally be embarassed to ever look like that.
Person 2: Me too, it's all Good Charlott's fault!!
by Me April 10, 2004
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The mistake by the lake. The snow capital of the world. Where schools never cancel classes and no one is surprised if the temp changes from 100 degrees to negative 20 in 4 hours. The adults are all either really sheltered or mega whacked out. Kids start drinking, smoking, and f*cking in elementary school. And you can find a bag of pot easier than you can spot a car. You might live in the city but have 3 farms in a mile radius. Nick Scott is a known hated monopolist. If you go to college, you are probably either a science or communications major. If you once went to college, chances are you did drugs or drank every day, all day, for years, and still do. The millcreek mall and the dollar theater were the coolest places to hang growing up, and the penninsula was so awesome with its nasty shit infested water. If you ever want to see the most messed up city in all the world, come here.
Erie, PA received 10 feet of snow today and nothing closed down except the plowing companies.
by Me March 16, 2005
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A small piece of something indistinguishable. This could be fluff, liquid, powder... anything, so long as you can't tell what it originally was.
"I cleaned the flat and hoovered up a load of errg from behind the sofa."
by Me December 18, 2007
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Was once amung the wealthiest and most powerful countries in ancient times, and is now amung the poorest. Life's a bitch, huh?
Ethiopia has a rich, interesting history, but its desperate beggers scare away most tourists.
by Me February 1, 2004
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Post-modern, degenerate, trendy, or out-of-style European cultural phenomena masquerading as avant-garde High Art. Its origins are primarily German/Austrian but have extended to France, Scandinavia, and Italy with success.
The director's Eurotrash production of Hamlet featured lots of latex, swastikas, and a man wearing a diaper starring as Gertrude.
by Me December 6, 2003
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evile is a mix of "evil" and "vile"
That creature is evile!
by Me September 18, 2004
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