when your hurt from a stupid love crisis or recovering from being drunk the night before.
i'm recovering in bed
by CozUzumaki May 28, 2008
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Streamers call boosting in destiny 2 "Recovs"(short form for Account recovery) . In fact it has nothing to do with recovering your account(etc when you lost your password/hacked), basically just to make boosting in trials/comp sound better.
Me: Why is boosting called recovs in this game? Isn't it just boosting?
Twitch chat: idk man
by 13171 April 2, 2021
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He has cancer, but don't worry: he's in recov.
by Vercetti59 March 23, 2010
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After many long, hard years of perfecting the legendary hairstyle with gallons of gel, consecutively tanning to reach expected standards, pumping iron until each chisel of every muscle visibly shows through your one-size-too-small-for-your-now-jacked-body ghinny tee, and, obviously, mastering the infamous fist pump so that each pump is in sync with the rhythm of the beats blasting through the walls of Sound Factory, you start to realize that you’re 28 years old and you’ve reached, exceeded and then over-exceeded any expectations that were put in front of you that day in high school when you decided to take on such an exuberating challenge and now you have nothing more to live for since you’ve devoted so much blood, sweat and tears into perfecting your distinguished way of life, so you opt for that other way of life that everyone else in the world has decided to choose.
Guido: Yo bro, im feelin good tonite bro. We gota juice up nice n get ta da club. Me n you, bro, wea gona bang mad bitches at the club, u kno wa im sayin?

Recovering Guido: I’m sorry, Tony. I can’t. I’ve been guido-free for 10 months now and my guidos anonymous leader says I’m doing real good. Sometimes I get the urge to buy more hair gel, but that’s not what’s affecting me the most. It’s when the beats start playing in my head over and over and all I want to do is pump my fucking fist so hard in the air. It’s so hard Tony. I’m learning to take deep breaths and breathe though, this normal way of life isn’t that bad after all. You should try it too.

Guido: Wack, bro.
by a lion. December 5, 2009
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When texting, an awkward attempt at using a joke to recover from a previous text in which something either stupid or awkward was said followed by no response from the reciever.

Ashley: Omg, did you see me trip today in the hall? It was sooo embarassing :P
Mark: yeah, you looked like an idiot.
(after realizing what he said, mark was in need of a text recover)
Mark: uh I tripped one time and I fell though...

Cindy: so what are you up to this

Jack: nothin wanna go to the dance?
(7 minutes later, no response)
Jack: yeah so I guess this girl tripped in front of like everyone today..haha..
by Tpainsmom February 5, 2010
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A person who once considered themselves a part of the gothic subculture but has since left it behind. Usually used in a self-deprecating manner.
Boyfriend: Does this tattoo say "life is pain?"

Girlfriend: Shut up. I'm a recovering goth.
by zenostortoise November 26, 2004
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1. An individual whom has come to their senses in realizing their foolishness in following a religion that is based upon archaic rituals and trite ceremonies that have nothing to do with the true intent of Christian Doctrine and Philosophy.

2. A person who realizes that is it better to treat all people with decency and respect regardless of disagreements on personal beliefs and lifestyle choices.
Joshua's Friend says: See that fellow there yonder! His name is Joshua and he is a Recovering Catholic!

Recovered Catholic replies: Praise the duck-billed platapus!

Joshua's Friend says: Amen!
by Fendown April 26, 2008
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