What you create for yourself when you fart in a tanning bed.
Last night, after a large dinner, I went to the tanning salon and accidentally made my own death bed.
by BuckyJ September 28, 2006
Lesbian death bed is a phenomenon where lesbian couples transition from having daily sex early in their relationship, to having much less frequent sex after they marry.
Carter was surprised to learn that Jennifer and her wife were only having sex once or twice a month, despite being in an otherwise loving and committed marriage. But Jennifer pointed out that the lesbian death bed was pretty normal and nothing to worry about.
by flip-flopper August 8, 2021
Children, usually belonging to paupers, peasants, scroungers and other uneducated filth who really should have been sterilized at birth, who always look malnourished, pale, dark around the eyes...as if they could die any moment. Death bed brats are always the ones who play grab-ass in post office queues, supermarket aisles, and anywhere else where they shouldn't be, and go into an almighty whining and moaning fit if their blank-eyed cow-brained parents reprimand them. Extended whining fits from death bed brats have been known to provoke nausea, tinnitus, or in some extreme cases, actual bodily harm.
"Those fucking death bed brats look so pale and skinny, I feel sorry for them."
"Fuck that, they'll outlive God himself - as long as the government continues to favour burdens of the state above hard-working, upstanding members of society."
by Jolly Farm Revue August 31, 2006
When two people are together for a long time the gradually stop having sex
Riley and Tory experienced complete bed death a long time ago. It's a wonder they're still together.
by summer meme sadness April 24, 2016
(n.) When sexual relations between a lesbian couple have virtually ceased, yet the companionship remains.
They've been together for a while; adopted two girls from China - lesbian bed death doesn't surprise me.
by ShortHairLvr August 8, 2005
the ocurrence when sexual activity diminishes and eventually virtually ceases after the first stages of a lesbian relationship, and the couple become more like friends or companions.

Although it is a widespread myth that the "bed death" is mainly common amongst lesbians, is is not a trait exclusive to lesbian realtionships. On contrary it is common for sexual activity to decrease in all romantic relationships after the first stages.

The term was coined by sex resercher Pepper Schwartz.
Is the "lesbian bed death" a myth?
by Johanna Karlsson June 16, 2008