the process of smoking marijuana in a sly or quick manner. a stolen moment that results in a pipe appearing
"pete do fancy having a little cheeky upstairs" said Noddy
"yes, yes i do!" replied Bigears
by hurridcaner February 21, 2004
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"cheeky Bastard" - a skit from an episode of Family Guy.
Someone who makes disrespectful and ironic comments
but disguised as sly, witty and even funny remarks.

This qualifies Stewie Griffin as an all around cheeky bastard, not just in this one episode's skit.

Reference #1 definition:
"Cheeky is a word used by english people like myself. 1. it is a word used to describe someone who does something or says something sort of disrespectful and sometimes rude, but says it in a cunning way."

describes Stewie exactly
From Family Guy episode "PTV":

"cheeky bastard is filmed in front of a live studio audience"

Brian: "Oh my god, where's my roast pheasant?!!"

Stewie: "by now I think its in my lower intestine!"

HAHAHAHAHA! (retarded sounding version of Stewie's laughter)

Brian: "you ate it? but I told you my boss was coming here for dinner!"

Stewie: "well unless he likes pork rinds, he's going home hungry"


Brian: "You cheeky bastard!"

by Doug Quaid June 30, 2006
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meaning wicked cool, sweet, phat, sexy, lazy, sexual, provocative, inspiring, cool when not expected, interesting,
(say someone threw a knife and someone caught it, someone watching might say ... ) "Whoah, very cheeky..."
by The gate holder October 12, 2008
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Any cigarette which is illegal or not allowed in some way. It could be in a non-smoking area or you could be underage. The main thing is that the cigarette must be hidden from someone to some extent.
Im off for a cheeky during my lunch break.
by Dogsey May 23, 2009
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a bitch wit a fat mufuckin ass
nigga u seen dat bitch wit the buffy ass she had dem cheekies
by dat dirty niggah January 23, 2009
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2.ladies man...
3.small penis
4.tiny, baby
Cheeky for christ sake stop trying to seduce Dan!
by jonas2 November 30, 2003
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