The best stainless steel water bottle in production. Made from high quality 18/8 food grade stainless steel.
Oh shit, you see Scott sippin' on the cheeki? Swag.
by spindiesel January 22, 2013
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Cheeky cheeky in a falsetto voice displays the best side of humanity and It’s originator is a sexy muthafucker, namely Jacob (Sex God) Higham
Ooh Cheeky Cheeky, Naughty boy, Ooh hoo hoo hoo, Cheeky Cheeky lady no no no ooh hoo hoo
by Cojab Ginhmah January 11, 2021
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The way to describe a seriously fit and super sexy female of the highest standard and calibre
Jason: "check out the hot ass over there"

Gary: "Cheeky Cheeky"
by SamwellRamswell April 15, 2009
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Can be used as noun or verb.

Euphemism for sex or having sex. Comes from the sound a box spring mattress makes when having sex.
A: Cheeky-cheeky?
B: Nah, none at all.

A: How was your weekend?
B: Best cheeky-cheeky everrrrr

A: Any plans tonight with the Mrs?
B: Cheeeky-cheeeky
by ilovecheeky April 10, 2011
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It is a concept from the UK not particularly shared by the US. It's basically sly and artful disrespect. Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, Jarvis Cocker , Noel Fielding, and Morrissey all come to mind with respect to being "cheeky". Having lived in England, I recognize this as a particularly British cultural phenomenon. There are always those in pop culture in the UK who aspire to be seen as quick-witted and cheeky. It's their way of "sticking it to the man" with a nudge and a wink. Being an American, I really don't see anything in the US that has quite the same tone. Sure there are plenty of smart humorists in the US, but they don't traffic in "cheek" quite like the Brits do. I think American humorists are more direct somehow. Cheek is done with a sly look in the eye because you know you're trying to get one over on the man, and the smile says that you know, and they (the man) know too, but you're allowed to get away with it anyway. It's very subtle. I'm guessing it has something to do with the more entrenched class system in the UK vs the US. Most Americans feel as if they are on par with the best of them (at least in their own minds), and don't humble themselves very readily in the presence of people from higher classes. They don't feel the need to be subtle in their scorn of "their betters" as they say. I think there was (and maybe still is) more at stake when you trash-talked up the chain in the UK. Just a guess.
When the Beatles were performing for the royals and John Lennon said... “For our last number I’d like to ask your help. Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry.” A perfect example of being cheeky. Poking at power with humor.
by Phydeaux2000 October 03, 2017
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Cheeky, a word used in Australia by New Zealanders when flirting with the opposite sex. It's used in a playful manner when one is teasing.
Curtis your so cheeky, come here so I can kiss you.
by Harley Qu December 31, 2015
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Something said or done disrespectfully, but endearingly.
Dick(head) removed photos and Friends from Facebook in an effort to one-up me. That was cheeky of him.
by post-menopausal January 27, 2016
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