a word to describe something which goes without saying.
"whas gwanin, u cotchin at leons tonight?"

"course, u bringin some herb?"

by roxxor February 19, 2004
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assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been.
rob: did you bring a girl back to your room last night?

me: yeah, dawg.

rob: did you get her in bed?

me: standard
by mark April 30, 2003
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a word that is used in many parts of the UK specifically manchester, it is used usually as a response to something good, or used like the word 'fit' to describe an attractive person, also it can be used to describe something good like a football match score or computer game
john: 'hey look at her'
james' standard !!!'


jason ' omfg we won the game'
aja ' standard mate'
by fuckinstandard June 6, 2011
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Another name for a manual transmission cars. Back when automatic first came out, all the cars had manual transmissions and automatic was optional, so cars came standard with a manual transmission.
That honda civic is a standard transmission.
by Marcus Taylor February 11, 2006
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when people wear a blank t shirt, shorts, high socks, and classic vans.
dude that guy is so standard.
by theboss376 May 6, 2010
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Standard is short for 'Standard Operating Procedure'. It is abbreviated as standard or simply STD.

This is the standard reply given to general statements made that are more than obvious or typical.
Jr: Good lord.. Look over at Chi Chi, total friggen steak pillow time.

Bagels: standard.. STD..
by 1337c0d3d00d March 20, 2013
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word used by the sub-culture for anything they feel like, basically a new, stroppier version of 'cool'...only used by total plebs that lack the ability to speak their own language due to peer pressure.

anti-cultural metaphor that when uttered, perfectly exemplifies the devolution of its exponents, who in contrast see themselves as the avant garde.
pleb 1:check it.

pleb 2:standard, bruv

pleb 1:naaahhhhbruv, on dat next ting

pleb 3:euiiiiiiihhhhh!!!


by Bloch February 8, 2012
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