Someone who can be overly rude and roast people in roast battles
What are those are a very cheeky comment often made on others shoes or clothing
by Alizae_2002 December 14, 2015
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It is when a man shaves his testicles whilst frolicking through a neighborhood in which the residents are predominantly senior citizens.
"Poor old Jebediah knicked his left berry while being the cheeky bastard that he is!"
by Shelby Jean July 15, 2005
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The half pat, half stroke on the bum from someone you would like to be more than your friend.
Hey Deb, I got a little 'cheeky' yesterday from Paul. I guess it's as close as I'm gonna get to a fuck right now. FML.
by LuBaby October 09, 2009
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Selfish, only thinking of one's self self-absorbed,self-serving,unfair
Why don't we use your car gas is too high for me to drive,
That's cheeky
by Ackeda March 19, 2006
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someone who is selfish or dont want to share; stengy.
stop being so cheeky with your stuff
by Jankeea February 29, 2008
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A sleazy older man preying on younger girls.
A better example would be him leering at them.
This usually happens while driving in a car or walking
by some contruction workers.
Young Girl1: ah! do you see all these cheekies looking at us?
Young Girl2: yeah dont make eye contact.
by Natalie O October 30, 2007
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Also known as Ego. Ego, you know who you are and you are CHEEKY!
Bette: "I have this really embarrasing story about myself and my friend, i met her when i was eleven or twelve ...."
Ego: "Yea, I suppose that would be a pretty embarrasing story"
Bette: "What, that I have known her since I was eleven or twelve?"
Ego: " Yea"
Bette: "You are sooo cheeky"
by BetteDavis May 17, 2010
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