A song, food, drink, or all around experience that would be greatly improved while under the influence of that chronic.
Dude, We have to listen to this next time we blaze, It's freakin high quality!
by shakenbake April 27, 2006
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Not to be confused with good. Taylor Swift songs may be high quality but they're total garbage. ISIS head chopping and suicide bombing videos may be high quality but they're fucking disgusting. Hillary Clinton speeches may be high quality but 99.9% people would rather want her to shut the fuck up.
My monitor may be ultra high quality, but it doesn't mean crappy porn looks any better in it.
by 32121 August 8, 2016
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A song that is a high quality and does not sound bad after being taken off of a video game or music device. Or it's just someone changing another song to sound like another song while keeping the rhythm of the first song, like Vinesauce's GRAND DAD meme. It's usually used as funny, but sarcastic remark.
Person 1: This song is a pretty high quality rip!
Person 2: But it's just a Super Mario Bros track made to sound like Thomas the Train.
Person 1: I know
by MusicalMatt May 9, 2016
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Used as a sarcastic term with a lack of good information when you're asking or telling another person something important.
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A problem where even the worst consequence is a desirable outcome.
I was at the bar last night and there were four Playboy playmates chatting me up. I couldn't decide who to talk to. I guess you could call it a high-quality problem.
by Deathpony March 13, 2011
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A male who is not only financially well off and physically desirable, but who most importantly has morals and great character. He is well rounded and secure making them the best long term partners.
Instead of just focusing on a high value man, try dating a high quality man! Period!
by Sunsetsky October 13, 2021
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high-quality problem--a situation where a problem is presented which is of little consequence to the parties involved, but none-the-less one which could potentially yield favorable results.
One Fraternity brother to another:
"Man, yeah this mixer last year there were only like five of us there and all of the chi omega's, it was a good time, it was what you call a high-quality problem."
by frattastic friday November 10, 2009
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