the first time a girl is fingered. insert your finger in her vagina and make the "come here" motion
dude, last night I had Stacey come here, she loved it!
by Finger princess June 18, 2015
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A phrase used after someone says something stupid so you can slap them upside the head.
"Kanye West is a nice person." "Now come here!"
by Yehann September 16, 2009
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What Cardi B said to Nicki Minaj before she threw that red shoe.
Bitch, come here! Bitch, come here! Bitch, come here! Bitch, come here!
by gdottv September 29, 2018
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Used to invite someone for a hug
"I missed you, Sam!"
"Aww, Sammy, I missed you too."
"Come here, you."
by Matt Graham May 8, 2006
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Aside from being the most cliched pick-up line, this phrased is used can be used in other social situations.

1. What you say when you are in a group conversation and everyone randomly stops talking.

2. What you say when you first arrive somewhere after your friends have been there longer.
Aaren: hahahahaha..
Alan: hahaha..........


Scott: So.. you come here often?
by Ryan=pro June 16, 2005
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