A slang word for normal people in the gothic, fetish, otherkin communities (vampires and werewolves). Synonymous with vanillas, innocents, and buffers. Mundanes are people with normal jobs and normal boring lives who watch boring television and have boring tastes in music and the arts.
Don't wear your Docs to Wal-Mart or the Mundanes there will freak out and think you are a skinhead or something.
by PepperPaul May 9, 2007
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A person who possesses no metaphysical talents or qualities. Alternately, a person who is perceived to lack a certain form of enlightenment, intelligence, or talent. Generally used by the persons who possess said gifts or qualities, and is sometimes but not necessarily used in a condescending or elitist manner. Was used in the sci-fi series "Babylon 5" by the telepaths to refer to non-telepaths. Also used in some psychic, spiritual, or metaphysical circles to refer to those who have no such talents.
The mundanes have no concept of magic, they're completely blind to it, our ways are strange to them.
by Protocol April 16, 2003
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masterbating is totally mundane, relieve stress by whacking the plank
by DragonKing095 November 18, 2014
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'Mundane' was originally used in the realm of roleplay, online or otherwise, to denote the person 'behind' the person online, like the puppeteer. In online text-based rp, its shortened to the word "mun."(1) And has since been made into a suffix conjoined by a hyphen to the screen name/handle in qustion (2) In gneral,its used to formally adress someone whose name you dont know, without having to do the totally n00bish thing of calling someone by their screen name, since their name is obviously not "StarWarsFreak." or "FluffyPuppy498746."

Outside the world of roleplay, a person's mundane is often used in lifestyle societies such as therianthropes and furries and vampires to indicate their sort of "alter-ego" when not assuming their persona.
<Person1> Wanna rp?
<Person2>not now, gotta do mun stuff. '

<DethKnight> ::kills everyone::
<VampireChik> DethKnight-mun is an uber moder
by czu-czu December 19, 2003
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A non-furry.

(Devised the definition from an article in Somethingawful.com in their Weekly Web section on furries.)
What cracks me up, is that anyone who thinks they are a bunch of sick freaks is some shocked and scared mundane who cannot accept their furriness.

- an actual quote in the Weekly Web
by Any Newer October 18, 2003
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The World.

"from Latin mundanus, from mundus, world."

It's widely (mistaken use...) used as the meaning of normal, earthly, to distinct regular person from a gifted/special one...

why is it a mistake... since time has changed the meaning of this word ... misunderstanding the meaning of WORLD or EARTH as Regular or Not Special .... making us a "Regular" and everything else is : Special in a good way... or a better than the "mundane" one...

Mundane means the world... and the world is everything but "Regular" the world/earth(and all the rest...) is incredible... we haven't even started to understand it ... let alone tag it as something less than anything... etc.
Mundane - of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly: mundane affairs.

by Shlomi May 1, 2008
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Mundane, Mundanes or 'danes. A slang term for people who attend Renaissance Festivals in normal non-garb attire. Also slang to define anyone who attends Renaissance Festivals but has not adopted a Rennie Persona.
Lady Mary: Are you attending Faire this weekend?
Pirate Annita: I've got a lot going on this weekend but if I squeeze in a visit it will sadly be in 'danes.

Barbarian Bess: Who is the mundane?
DewDrizzle the Faerie: That is my friend Joe. This is his first RenFest!
by MadMadameBludpyre November 26, 2013
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