A person who is really good looking. Or someone with an extreamly nice ass. See also Nikki Aninno
Damn that Nikki Annino is a hot ass
by Matty Bo January 21, 2004
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A term used to describe someone who is incredibly good looking. (Can also be used for someone who has a nice ass)
Damn! Devin is a HOTTASS!
by Anonymous June 2, 2003
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a term used for the expression of giving or receiving the best sex you've ever had.
hot ass! yo girl you want some hot ass!
mmm...hot ass!
by picadoo May 15, 2005
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tha hottest bitch eva!!
SupahFun is such a hot ass!! Brian is Jealous!!
by supahfun December 5, 2006
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an alcoholic drink that combines Hot Tamales candy and Shmirnoff Ice.
Ashleigh and Krystal invented a new drink they dubbed "Hot Ass".
by erin October 26, 2004
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The condition of a girl's behind being very warm or filled with warmth, or when the bulk of her body heat is concentrated near the rectal area.
"Dude, this chick last night had such a hot ass!"
"Was she that good in bed?"
"No, I mean she nearly burned my dick off!"
by kylecoaster February 1, 2009
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