The time period, in the Northern Hemisphere, between Winter (Dec. 21 to Mar. 20) and Summer (June 21 to Sept. 20), usually starting on the Vernal Equinox, March 21st and lasting until June 20th.
In Canada, we don't really have spring, summer and autumn, just winter and road repair season!
by Springbreaker August 1, 2006
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If you're in college, the time when all the girls pull out their 'assets' from hiding and show them in short skirts, halters, and flipflops. Very nice weather too.
Winter makes you forget what you've been missing, but spring reminds you.
by bigtones March 28, 2007
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1:) did you see spring she the best and she single
by Undercover bad bitch November 10, 2020
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Pay. Generally indicates that the person is doing it as a favour or out of generosity.
I'll spring for a takeaway if you come over and tickle my toes
by SpamJavelin April 13, 2006
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german word for 'jump'
i will spring into style this year
by Katharina January 13, 2007
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Short for the Springfield 1903 rifle, occasionally used as a sniper rifle in many WW2 based shooters.
Some prick shot me with a spring.
by Veldrin October 15, 2004
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Springness is the hidden presence of the concealed mystery of truth
A poet's corpus will never die, for it has a timeless springness
A poet's corpus will never die, for it has a timeless springness.

It does not contain the second egotistical, bouncy "i" of springiness.

Antonyms: winterness,,, normalness
by Joannissance September 20, 2013
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