A sexually available girl who has many partners.
1) "God, I slept with all of them. I was such a mattress last night!"

2) "I'll introduce you to Suzy. She is such a mattress."
by tman July 4, 2004
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Model/Actress who has been paid to do neither.
I'm going to an industry party tonight, should be full of mattresses...
by greasypeaches August 8, 2006
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One who has excessive sex with more than 5 boys in a fraternity.
stefani has had sex with many boys and the frats call her their mattress.
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
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A silly hoe who stickes her fingers in her mouth.
"Dude, have you met Jane?"
"Unfortunately! She's such a mattress!"
by CTiswhereithappens August 15, 2009
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To wish a person to the mattress; to fantasize about taking someone to bed by way of sexting or conversing in person.
Girl 1- " I was totally sexting this hot guy, telling about all the awesome things I wanna do to him in bed"

Girl2- "He's trying to be a gentleman and all you're doing is mattressizing him, have some class".
by T$KY January 14, 2015
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When you're at a house party, and you've drinken too much, and go to lay down in an empty room and inadvertently end up in bed with 5 or more people. While everyone else either falls off or leaves, one, or even two couples will stay and makeout on you. Literally on you, making you their 'mattress'.
Person1: Hey baby, last night was great! ;)
Person2: Yeah it was! But your bed felt kind of weird.
Person1: Oh yeah!! It was because Paris was mattressing for us!
by TheMattressGirl August 5, 2012
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A simile that can be used in comparisson to almost any situation, object, person or emotion.
Jordan: "That bitch is really, really weird.."
Sam: "That's because she's pissed as a mattress"

Josh: "I lost all my money in the stock-market yesterday.."
Matt: "Damn, you must be shattered as a mattress"

Nic: "I got a E- in my R.E exam.."
Sean: "You must be stupid as a mattress"
by SamFisher440 January 3, 2010
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