1. A general term similar to stuff or crap.
2. Something top-notch (the hoo)
3. Excrement, (literally crap)
4. A large amount of something
5. An exclamation similar to hell
1. What is all that hoo?
2. Now that's the hoo, yo.
3. I gotta take a hoo.
4. That's a hoo of cash if you ask me!
5. What the hoo were you thinking?
6. Holy hoo that's a hoo of hoo!
by Zuma August 29, 2006
Something that happens when Yahoo! Towers players break a series of blocks spelling out the word Yahoo! and immediately breaking something, sending blocks out to his opponents to fill up their screens.
Used by players with more experience.
Hey man, did you see that hoo? That's skills!
by Bel January 21, 2005
I met this French girl, she uses "hoo" a lot to express her excitement over random things.


I've drawn out the conclusion that she wants to fuck me.
Hoo! That is cool.
Fuck me, daddy! That is cool.
by pink potato pie August 8, 2018
Referring to the female anatomy, specifically, the entire vulval region.

See also, Hoohoo, Hooha.
"She has a perfectly trimmed hoo."
"Remember to wash your hoo!"
"I shaved yesterday and now my hoo is itchy."
by LumpyBump December 10, 2005
The sound my ass makes when i have bad gass or just ate an owl
by Dumb Ass August 16, 2004
expressing immense joy, or satisfaction
"hoo , ya damn right!"
by Jon Himself March 14, 2003
Noun; A vagina, but better. Basically the vagina of the future.
Don't kid yourself, that dildo has been in her hoo.
by StephanieNA March 20, 2007