Advertisement. Fairly obvious as advert is just a abbreviation of advertisement.
It's just a advert Johnny!!!!
by dandyandrew July 3, 2004
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yes, people from the UK are lazy too. they have adopted the "abbreviation." well... at least they don't say "ad"
Charles: Good day William, are you aware my acquaintance, Victoria appeared in a advert for crumpets last night.
William: Indeed I have, Charles.
*they both sip tea*
by Philip Paul March 27, 2008
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An advert is a short video where blacks, whites, other ethnicities and homosexual people interact in unrealistic ways while occasionally making reference to a product.
I didn't realize there were so many interracial and homosexual couples in the world today. Adverts are so educational. I think I will buy more products as I enjoy being lectured by them all the time.
by I Hate Political Correctness November 7, 2021
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(UK) An advert is a short video clip that is shown between television programmes, featuring mostly non-white people (unless it's old white people advertising funeral plans), biracial families, women doing manly things, and men looking after children and cleaning up.
What was that advert advertising? I don't know, whatever it was, they've put me off it.
by I Hate Political Correctness September 12, 2021
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A bastard word that combines activism and advertisment. Usedto describe Activism for progressive causes (e.g. Pride Month abd feminsm labels) but sparing out elements that are critical of the capitalist system. It is only used to sell stuff.
Oh it's June again so we will see LGBT advertism everywhere by companies that are usually big GOP doners.
by Dick Johnson Cuntclit August 27, 2019
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Something that companies do to antagonize the shit out of people
Business:let's put an advert here
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