A version of a song that is done by another band than the original.A band can cover another band's song.
"The Bloodhound Gang covers "Its Tricky" by Run-DMC."
by Jay A April 26, 2003
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The price you pay to gain access to a club/bar/venue
Bro, can you spot me $5 for the cover?
by matt October 25, 2003
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To help someone out by
1) filling in,
2) backup their excuse
3) going along with their lie,
cosign for them, corroborate
their story
4) provide supporting firepower for
them in a shootout {Hollywood}
I got a hot date, can you cover my shift on Friday night?

He told his mom that he'd been at my house all night. I covered for him.

Cover my back, I'm goin' in!!!
by mandingoe January 19, 2005
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To put a front on something to hide it.
"The robbers covered up the crime scene really well"
by Kim October 16, 2003
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When you cup your testicles during masturbation in order to increase the intensity of the orgasm
It feels twice as good when I cover.
by KirbyAtor November 22, 2003
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A hat or any other variety of thing that may be place atop ones head in order to shield it from the elements.
Oh shit, I forogt my cover. My fucking head is going to freeze because it's so freaking cold.
by Joe December 5, 2003
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A term used for a homosexual person who is in a heterosexual relationship in order to appear heterosexual.
Their relationship is a complete cover... he's more gay than Sigfried with an entire pack of white tigers.
by StraightAsAnArrow August 16, 2004
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