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1. The number following 299, and preceding 301

2. An award-winning graphic novel depicting the Battle of Thermopylae by Frank Miller, inspired by the movie The 300 Spartans. It's first issue was published in May 1998.

3. A movie based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, highly praised but often criticized for it's historical inaccuracy by people that fail to realize that it's a movie based off of a comic book, which was in turn based off of another movie, and NOT a documentary.

4. A perfect score in bowling.
1. ...298, 299, 300,...

2. "I read Frank Miller's 300 yesterday, it's truly a masterpiece."

3. Person 1: "Hey, did you go see the new movie, 300?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it was terrible. There was almost no
historical accuracy. The fighting styles were wrong, the
armor was wrong, and the numbers were wrong."
Person 1: "No shit, sherlock. It's a movie, not a

4. Person 1: "I bowled a 300 today!"
Person 2: "That's amazing! You should go pro."
by Morrauk March 16, 2007
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A Movie made in 2007, by Frank Miller (Sin City), about the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC), where 300 Greek Spartans defeated about 20,000 Persians.

Leonidas I of Sparta was the leader of the Spartans.

Xerxes I of Persia was the leader of the Persians.

Many extremists believe that the Persian army was 5,283,220 soldiers large, while the Greeks had only 7,000 soldiers.
"Did you go see '300'? "

"Yeah, it was nuts."
by Cody Murray October 31, 2006
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A perfect game in bowling, achieved by getting 12 strikes in a row. Only the 1337est of 1337 bowlers ever do this.
"OMG I just bowled a 300!"
"Dude you're the king of bowlers!"
by Super Chemist October 18, 2004
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A movie that promotes child abuse, mass murder and the kicking of black people down wells. Drowns in testosterone three minutes in and still manage to flail around amusingly (and insert an unnecessary subplot to remind us that hey, spartans could be women too, and they let themselves be raped to further their political agendas, so let's get back to the war, eh?).
I watched 300, then immediatly walked into the street and kicked some guy down a well. I don't know why. It just seemed right.
by Josh Burnett May 16, 2008
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an unbelievable movie and story of Spartan heroes. Not exactly historically accurate but somewhere in the ballpark. This movie is a must see. It basically carries all the best possible fight sequences ever filmed and has unrelenting action packed with moments that will make you hair stand on end. This movie is the absolute definition of being a man, if you dont like check between your legs you might have a suprise coming. Something rediculous violent or sweet
John just went 300 on him and tore him apart
Hey dont sweat it we'll catch 300 later and you'll forget about her when you remember what it is like to be a man.
300? Dude thats not just a number its what being a guy is all about
by Shawn Micheals March 18, 2007
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