1. A nasty, mean, ugly, obnoxious email normally sent/received in a work environment.

2. The email a boss sends when a subordinate makes an error.
a. Ah man, I didn't make productivity last week and my boss has been sending me nasties every day reminding me about it!

b. Kewl boss to equally groovy subordinate: "I just turned in my two weeks and am not going to have to be your boss anymore. Somebody else will be sending out the nasties."

c. WTC! I just got a nasty from my grand boss. I know he's gonna do a drop by and give me the business.
by Grymm Deth February 2, 2010
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1) A person who a lil freaky and looks forward to freaky sex.
2) A person who refers themselves as a "non-virgin".
3) Sexual activity engaged in wierd places.
1) The boy Tonio down the street is a lil nasty nasty.
2) Stripton` a nasty nasty because he sent to me how he got laid last night by mistake.
3) Charlie and Tamicia were doing a lil nasty nasty in the corner of the pool.
by Azn & Mex June 25, 2006
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A psydenoum for 69, can also be used for any sex act.
Karthick was on top during our nasty nasty.
by shsgsc March 17, 2011
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1. To be to be mean, cruel or unkind.

2. To cause disgust or distaste.

3. To be of sexual suggestiveness or aptitude beyond the point of reproductive function.

4. an expression of approval or impressment with regard to a person's actions or ability.

5. an expression of approval or impressment with regard to a object's aesthetic or functional value
1. -"Hey, i'm not a poop-face! Don't be so nasty!"

-"Damn, that girl is nasty!"

2. -"Yuck, this dog shit sandwich is nasty!"

-"Damn, that girl is nasty!"

3. -"My goodness, that was some nasty sex we just had! Good job."

-"Damn, that girl is nasty!"

4. -"Shit dawg! them chess skills are mad nasty, yo!

-"Damn, that girl is nasty!"

5. - "Thanks dad! My new bike is nasty!

-"Damn, that girl is nasty!"
by dr. craznax crazyballs March 24, 2016
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1. to describe something that is disgusting
2. to act dirty in a sexual way
1. The pile of shit on the floor was nasty.
2. Jessica acted nasty in the bedroom.
by Hannah Smith March 15, 2003
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plainly put...sex
john and emily did the nasty!
by christina November 12, 2003
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sexual intercourse; when a man gets horny and thusly he and his women strip and hump their pelvis's together till they yell with happiness; fucking
Leonard did the nasty last night with Molly.
by natalie January 11, 2005
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