When something is very cool or elegant. Also means not fat.
Yeah dude that concert was trimmed, unlike Pablo.
by p digglet November 17, 2016
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pussy; usually good.(clean, shaved, not used alot.
yo i heard there gonna be mad trim at that party this week.
by $PAZZ April 1, 2003
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Short for tripping. Blowing things out of proportion, making issues or situations into something they’re not. Possibly doing too much.
Tyler: I swea homes ah trim over there

Zach: nah buddy gotta valid reason to be mad fr !
by BMC Mark August 10, 2022
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Person 1: You see my outfit I put on for my birthday

Person2: Yeah, that was Trim
by CJJPJ8 February 28, 2023
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Clippings of leaves from buds of marijuana. This is done to enhance appearance and get rid of the harsh taste. Usually used to make bubble hash.
Jimmy smokes trimmings from dank.
by Jojwjwjejej December 21, 2013
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Verb: to kiss and touch private parts; to mack; to neck; to make out
Verb form of Trim is used only in the deep south, within 100 miles of the Gulf Coast, from Lafayette to Pantama City, Florida. First usage from approximately 1986.
1. Lafonda say, “Do you want to trim
2. What you did last night? Me and Blondene was trimmin’ all nite
by English Lit Theory June 1, 2018
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well put together in a Matthew Macconaughey type of way.
Boi be trim.
by ,martgal17 June 15, 2017
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