All the forms are now munched into one form.
by Super Jules December 4, 2010
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when a player goes straight into a tackle(football or rugby) and wins the ball but completely wipes out the oppositions player.
commentator:"..and Ronaldo's got the ball and bang,hes just been munched by Carragher!"
by Carlo Rocco February 18, 2008
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To be degraded in a almost insulting way and be left questioning whether or not to make a scene/big deal about it.

v. munched, munching, munch
n.muncher, munchers
I just munched that punk-ass by turning his bag inside out and putting his belongings inside the reversed bag.
by rjmaddog December 6, 2010
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to be very tired and/or drunk/under th influence of a drug
i was munched last nite at th party
by warren November 14, 2003
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The definition of munched, is a universal definition.
Simply used like '' owned ''.

The munch equation.
munch¹= munch¹ + munch¹ = munch² - ∴ = ∞ munching
cOm < UM
insult } cOm < M = munch¹= munch¹ + munch¹ = munch² - ∴ = ∞ munching

Sir, you just munched yourself

Don't do it, I will munch you!

Ahaha she just fell of her chair, she got munched!

LOL munched.
by SOMOMNOMNOMNOM June 17, 2010
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A past-tense verb describing the action that occurred when one vehicle met another with unhappy results. Usually, one vehicle has new accordion shaped body parts (rear-ending) or has a section crushed (under a 2nd vehicle).

Can also describe the action taken while using a vehicle as a means to run over/crush an object.
Holy smokes, that truck munched the heck out of that car!
That driver better watch who she's cutting off or she'll get munched.
While four-wheeling this weekend, I totally munched some cedar.
by thekelty May 13, 2009
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to own,beat up; to tell someone they suck.
get munched! i would munch that kid.
by big Egk April 1, 2008
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