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The nefarious and perverse act of standing a reasonable distance behind your doubled-over and unsuspecting partner, taking a run up and rifling your sack completely into her anus shouting "CANNONBALL!!!" at the last possible moment. Having knocked her to the ground with your scrotal barrage, proceed to jack off over her back while sitting balls deep on her ass and taunt her by singing shanties. Works best if she's just taken a shower because she'll be prepped, and then have to take another shower after you've demonstrated your pirate-like domination.
Theresa had just got out of the shower when Francois skidded round the corner and launched his nuts with hi-def explosive power into her rectal cavern, heroically crying "CANNONBALL!!!" and then nutted one out all up her back and in her hair. With his cannonballing mission complete, Francois knew the world was safe again.
by Filth Wizard August 27, 2008
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When a man farts while sitting on a nonporous (usually leather) seat and the gas expanding from his anus rapidly pushes his nuts forward, approximating the behavior of a pneumatic piston or cannon. Frequently catalyzed by the presence of tight pants and/or sweaty ass/thighs.
Dude, it was so hot this morning I was cannonballing all the way to work in the old Caddy. Gotta get me some cloth seats, or stop eating fuckin' breakfast burritos.
by Bendy May 14, 2006
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When a man is receiving oral sex from their boyfriend/girlfriend, they take their balls and put one on each side of the shaft so that it looks like a Cannon on rolling wheels. As the man approaches orgasm he announces that he is going to fire the cannon and forces the other party (Male or female) to deepthroat them and then the man takes a lighter and lights one of his pubic hairs one fire so that it begins to burn away. This must be timed correctly so that when the pubic hair is completely burnt away the man orgasms down the others throat (Like a cannonball firing)
I went home last night and decided to try something new on my girlfriend. She was giving me head and I Cannonballed her! She couldn't breath for 10 minutes! You should trying Cannonballing sometime man.
by w0lf1991 February 19, 2009
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Quickly drinking an alcoholic beverage and then passing it to a partner. Follow the procedure until the alcoholic beverage is finished
Hey Whitney, do you want to cannonball this beer?
by brandon February 01, 2004
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A hit of weed quickly followed by a shot of alcaholic beverage taken before you let the smoke out so that the smoke goes in to your stomach getting you stoned faster after you take the shot release the smoke which looks very sexy and also acts as a chaser.
#1 ; man whats the best way to get drunk and stoned and look sexy really fast
#2 : dude just cannnball that shit, cannonballing is the answer to everything
by through and through June 01, 2006
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In relation to Television viewing. This word is used in place of 'binge-watching', without the negative connotations of the phrase.
I am currently cannonballing the entire first season of Breaking Bad.

I just cannonballed the entire first season of Breaking Bad.
by MBED123 August 20, 2014
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Cannonballing is when your poop just flies outta your ass
"I've just finished cannonballing," Jerry said
by HangryPotato November 24, 2016
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