Somewhat lose term to define a paved road not close to urban agglomerations and devoid of urban traffic. This implies absence of roundabouts, traffic lights, heavy traffic and so on. Open roads usually have only one lane per direction

The term usually (but no obligatorily) can imply rough tarmac, sand on the road and potholes.

Commonly used by cyclists, riding on the "open road" also can imply being more exposed to the weather and being far away from help if something goes wrong.
"I expect to get at least some couple thousands of kilometres of training on all weather open road conditions out of this hub"
by vioseven January 12, 2013
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A gesture used by motorcyclists to pay homage to one another at rallies, shows, and events focusing on motorcycles; performed by extending both hands outward in front of the body, with hands clenched as if holding motocycle handlerbars, typically accompanied by a nodding of the head, as if to communicate acknowledgement. Can be referred to as ORS.
"When those guys saw I had on my 'Ride Free' t-shirt, they all gave me the ORS. Man, I was stoked."
by Morty Barnes July 1, 2005
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