1. Someone who carries your golf clubs for you.

2. Something that carries your food or drinks for you.

3. An abbreviated nickname for a Cadillac.

Not to be confused with "catty", which means when females don't play nice with each other. As in "ME-OW!!! If dat catty biyotch's looks could kill! I can't help it if her man is checkin' me out."
Should I use my pitching or sand wedge to get me out of the gravel parking lot next to some old guy's Caddy on this shot? Let me put my beer back in its caddy & go ask my caddy which club to use.
by ThatKasper May 13, 2011
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a person that thinks they are better than everyone but they are really below them.
by brooklynmade November 25, 2014
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Cantaffa daddy; A word to describe Mr. Cantaffa as "daddy"
"When I get older, I think I'm going to name my dog Caddy."
"After Mr. Cantaffa daddy?"

by Greetingstoyou December 7, 2020
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To caddy, is to hold out one's palm and allow another to mix cannabis and tobacco on it.

Once mixed, it is then sprinkled into rolling paper - this may also be accomplished on the palm of the caddy.
by St. Jay August 28, 2008
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1. A Cadillac.

2. Nickname for old school VW Rabbit Pickup. (typically used by VW enthusiasts)
We saw a real nice Caddy at Waterfest, dropped down and out.
by Street.Nations September 15, 2008
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A word used to describe Cantaffa daddy; Cantaffa daddy combined into one awesomely cool word.
"Hey, dave, I think I'm gonna name my dog Caddy."
"After Cantaffa daddy?"
by Greetingstoyou December 7, 2020
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A mean person
Acts like a whore

Has no real friends do to the fake factor of themselves and their poor behavior
by rainbows and stuff December 23, 2010
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