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Coming from a High School professor in TN, a "Yates" is a man who can do lots and lots of odd-ball things, is way the f*ck too smart, and doesn't give a sh*t lick on a dog's dick about how he dresses/looks. AKA: A kick-ass dude.
Whoa... Stalin looks like Yates...
by The Argonaut March 03, 2005
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To use your body or sexual persuasion in order to get drugs or high.
"That girl pulled a yates last night and got half my stash!"
by Donthemon May 11, 2013
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A combination of yeah and great. can also be spelled Y8 or Y888 if something is that great.
"Yo, i got a whole pack of newports!"

"yate yate!"
by SmokeMaddBlunts April 21, 2009
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Not standing or not participating in any patriotic event
Pamela went straight Yates on those fools at the racetrack during the national anthem
by Lilrichard123 February 24, 2017
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