Coming from a High School professor in TN, a "Yates" is a man who can do lots and lots of odd-ball things, is way the f*ck too smart, and doesn't give a sh*t lick on a dog's dick about how he dresses/looks. AKA: A kick-ass dude.
Whoa... Stalin looks like Yates...
by The Argonaut March 3, 2005
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Yates is a last name which has been around for year with it originality from Italy. A Yates has a brilliant reputation for fighter and can not be defeated, most Yates’ are very wealthy and spent there money on clothes and jewellery
The Yates family have got a good reputation for fighting
by Mr mcgregor UFC January 10, 2019
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Bro # 1: Should I get a case of budweiser for later?
Bro # 2: Yates, Yates, Yates
by Sticky Swine May 25, 2007
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Not standing or not participating in any patriotic event
Pamela went straight Yates on those fools at the racetrack during the national anthem
by Lilrichard123 February 24, 2017
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I pulled my dick out of her ass and there was Yates all over it!
by Jphole September 28, 2013
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A woman's butt cheeks. Most commonly used when referring to a nice ass (I.e. Amber Rose, Deelishis, Trina, etc.) mostly used in north eastern areas.
1. You Todd look! Shorty over there got the yates.
2. Lady Yates over there got a nigga wantin' to bag and some more shit.
3.Ma got a pair of Yates on her.
by TheRateZ June 1, 2015
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A Chinese name for a girl, meaning cultural treasure. She is nice, pretty, and smart. Also an A+ student when sh'e young. Also likes to be kind and helpful to others when needed. No one hates her, and loves to be friends with her. The Chinese characters for Yating is 雅婷.
That girl should be named Yating, it describes her!!
by ugdfgjgdsf January 26, 2012
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