Something you drink right after taking a shot or swig of hard alcohol.. Usually juice, pop, or beer.
You gotta use a chaser when drinkin everclear!
by crazyfock November 7, 2003
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someone who dates a lot of trans people

often a john or sugar daddy who's convinced themselves that they can have their cake and eat it too without being out of the closet. even when acting a perfect gentleman, chasers can't help dehumanizing or fetishizing their trans dates, because they're not being honest about their own needs. because they're so thirsty, chasers are the #1 provider of material support for trans girls outside of Lyon-Martin.

also used within trans circles to signal that someone's dating habits are ethically questionable, ie. they /only/ date trans women but not cis women, or they date cis women and femme trans men but not trans women — aka invalidating trans identities while simultaneously claiming allyship.

shortened from tranny chaser by trans women to remove the distasteful slur and focus on naming the offense.
hey, tell that bro to buy me a drink, he looks like a chaser and i'm broke af
by fish trap July 16, 2018
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A swig or sip of a drink you take after a shot. Takes the gross taste out of your mouth
Guy: Time for shots!!!
Guy 2: Get the chasers out I hate the taste of vodka!
by womanizer7777777 April 5, 2012
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short for chubby chaser: a person who is sexually attracted to an over weight person

see chubby chaser
John is such a chaser have you seen the size of his girlfriend?
by Don't chase me! August 6, 2013
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a less potent potable you imbibe subsequent to imbibing an intoxicating beverage
"Bitch you're softer than Alize with a chaser."
by Nick D February 24, 2003
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A gay man who is not a bear, cub, or otter (slim, hairy gay man), but is sexually or romantically attracted to them.
Mike is such a chaser - he spent hours today on craigslist, trolling for some papa bears in the men-seeking-men section.
by Skipster July 24, 2006
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A slim or in shape person who is sexually or romantically attracted to obese people. The term can be applied to both heterosexual and homosexual attraction. Also known as chubby chaser. Compare to fat admirer.
Jim had to admit he had become a chaser; when he entered the online dating scene after his nasty divorce, he found he could only get hard with he looked at the profiles of BBW.
by A. Hick July 24, 2006
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