Very Happy, hyper, ecstatic, or buzzed.
Those last eight energy drinks left Carrie catalyzed.
by Geoffry Chezz December 24, 2007
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1. a person who proactively helps another person do something they want, which the wanting person could not or would not do on their own
2. someone who causes or accelerates something desirable to occur for another person or persons, which would have either occurred slowly or not at all
3. an individual who sees someone else is not achieving their potential and gets dynamically involved in the person's life to help them improve it
John : I decided not to post that video of the song I wrote on Youtube. It was pretty bad. I didn't want to be criticism bombed. I should stop wasting my time huh?
Jennifer : You're not and that's why I posted it for you. You've gotten 10,000 hits and almost everyone loves it. I do.
John : * silent for a moment, then with a slightly teary voice * - sniff - thank god you're a catalyzer.

Carrie struggled to get Mr. Big to commit to her, but her friend's Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were always ready to act as catalyzer's, and bring the two together.

David is having a very hard time finding his path in life, but he hopes someday he will meet a catalyzer, who can help him open the doors he struggles to open alone.
by TheSagittariusSpeaks October 17, 2010
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