I've been to boxes all over the world and this my favorite box.

That box is way too crowded. I'd just as soon go to a globo gym.
by TheExpatreneur May 25, 2014
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short for boom box and or ghetto blaster types of portable stereos.
"my box can make you deaf"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004
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An item to put pencils in.
I put my pencil in her box!
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003
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An object you put down your trowsers to cover your private parts when playing some sports, such as cricket.
"AAAARRGGHHHH!!!! Why don't they let us wear boxes? I may never have children now... :("
by A_Llama January 6, 2005
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What are you up to tonight? I'm just tryin to pull some box.
by andrewq November 29, 2005
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