A large, portable, radio cassette player, measuring about 1.5 m wide and 1.0 m high.

It is played especially outdoors, in public places at loud volume; and carried on one shoulder with loudspeakers facing the head.

It is assumed that bypassers share the same musical taste.
Bob passed his time at the bus stop by playing his ghetto blaster.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
An alcoholic drink referenced in Brad Neely's "Professor Brothers" series, presumably composed of whiskey and "LIME" soda, e.g. Sprite.
"It was one of those typical sexy-ass Sunday nights and I was drinking ghetto blasters, alone..."
by Eric Barbaric October 24, 2007
1. noun; a small stereo, sometimes containing a tape deck or c.d. player and normally is somewhat lacking in sound quality and appearance.

2. noun; a broken-down or distorted stereo.
1. let's roll to tha wordpartay/word man, i got tha ghetto blaster and some wordforties/word.

2. man, that ghetto blaster is wordwhack/word.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
An electronic device carried on the shoulder of an illiterate, inconsiderate slob. Its sole purpose is to make white folks angry.
Shauntay got his ghetto blaster on his shoulder today.
by The Wog Whomper May 1, 2005
A large, portable, electronic noise-making device carried on the shoulders of spade cats, coons, stove lids, jigaboos, and (as the liberals call them) guys of color. The sole purpose of this device is to pollute the streets with hip hop and other greasy shit noise.

As proof that this is true, neither you nor anyone else has ever seen a white paddy walking down the street with a ghetto blaster on his shoulder.
Rastus, he done book down de street wif a ghetto blaster on his shoulder. He do dis to make Whitey scared.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 19, 2007
The term for the sort of low quality smoking device one is sometimes forced to make when one wants to smoke but has no pipe. ghetto blasters are often made from plastic bottles and tin foil, as well as a whole host of other random materials (a snorkel and an avocado, for instance)

entomologically, it's origin comes from the term for a low quality stereo... it is used by white kids in an effort to sound cooler by using terms that make them sound like they are from the streets.
1. "ghetto blaster" is a very stupid term that i hate, but everyone in my town insists on using it

2. aw maaan... you didn't bring a pipe?! guess we're gonna have to make a ghetto blaster.
by Ümbra August 14, 2004
a car. usually baught before 2000.
To be considered a TRUE ghetto blaster, it must show at least two (3) of the following qualities:

-paint chipping
-major carpet stains
-interior cloth (ie. ceiling, seats) is torn
-bullet holes on exterior
-has been keyed
-bras, thongs, or other undergarments protruding from doors or trunk
-at least 2 lights that don't work
-that mexican song as a horn
-squeaky brakes
-random backfires
-tape deck, no cd player
Damn that ghetto blaster be pumpin. Shaniqua is damn fine in that mobile. I'd like to pull up to her bumper, and slap that monkey.
by G-ret January 26, 2006