Techie term used to generically describe a computer, more specifically the case
I have three boxes, one is a microsoft, one is a mac and the last is a linux.
by matty February 4, 2005
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a cube or rectangular prism made primarily out of cardboard. usually used to contain things, sometimes things that need to be sent to other people via the postal service. can also be used as a plaything by children.
the boy gave his girlfriend a box of chocolates
the mailman delivered the box of uranium to the mild-mannered housewife
ooh! let's pretend that the box is a rocketship!
by Supie October 9, 2006
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to fuck someone on a moving train and go all the way, meaning for both partners to achieve orgasms and cum (or "come"). starts with groping people on crowded trains where most of the people are working men. derived from the hentai anime "g spot express"
Dave: Dude, I just boxed that girl on the train on the orange line.
Steve: I can tell from the odor coming from your unzipped fly and red face.
by zombrinHALO January 2, 2011
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A friend who moved from RI to CA.
by xcentric July 18, 2003
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There are 16 ounces in a box
by Natural erb December 20, 2017
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guy 1: box
guy 2: box
guy 3: box
by controllzlmao June 10, 2021
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my hommie has a nice box in his chevy
by marc May 1, 2003
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