short for the bronx used in lean back by fat joe
yo that cat he from the bx
by Tmaass December 01, 2004
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1) B.X. mo-fucka. (Bronx mother fucker.)
2) We're rolling old school just like they do in the B.X.
by Mobotu Sese Seku August 23, 2005
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A BX was a mid sized car made by Citroen (France). It was made between 1983 and 1993 when the Xantia replaced it, and it was replaced by the C5 in 2001. The car was styled by Gandini and featured Citroens famous Hydropneumatic suspension, The diesel version was an 80's legend.
A 1987 Citroen BX 16RS Estate in white.
by Andre Citroen March 19, 2005
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Short for Intel's 440BX chipset, which was the last good chipset they made. The 440BX replaced the 440LX, the big difference being that the BX was speced for 100 MHz operation. Though it only supported 2x AGP and IDE speeds faster than UDMA/33, new BX boards were being designed right up until the start of the Willamette.

The 440BX was legendary for being an good chipset to overclock on. Though it officially only supported front side bus speeds up to 100 MHz, it was rock stable at 133, and, with extra cooling, often went to 150. This is one of the very few chipsets that was ever sold overclocked right out of the box. Both the Abit BX-133 RAID and the Asus CUBX series advertised on the package that they supported 133 MHz FSB. The BX was one of the few chipsets that could be counted on to overclock to 133, rather like a Celeron 300 could be counted on to do 450 MHz, or, back in the early days, how a '486-25 could be counted on to do 33 MHz.

The BX was also the last Intel chipset to natively support ISA, which, despite being slow, is to this day fast enough to keep up with things like a 56k modem.
"My Linux box is a Celemine 1 gig on a BX board."
by Deuce on Guard August 17, 2003
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