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Word used to describe the successful act of attracting a person to such an extent that you would be able to snog or perhaps bone them if you so desired.
"With the help of my lucky Y-fronts I should pull tonight."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
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Chiefly British.
1. To kiss someone; to initiate a seduction.
2. To kiss and/or fool around with someone in competition with one's friends to see who can put up the highest numbers or attract the most beautiful people around, as much for sheer entertainment's sake as for personal satisfaction. Occurs most frequently in pubs and bars.
Watch me, I'm gonna pull every one of those lads at that table!

My mate pulled five birds at the pub last night.
by bluegrassfan December 23, 2004
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Tremendously versatile term for kissing someone with tongues who is not your girl/boyfriend - not yet anyway. Also functions as a metonymnic noun for this person.
"See that girl? I'm gonna pull her."

"Nice one, you pulled! Did you get her number?"

"Nah, she was just a random pull."
by Will_A August 18, 2005
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The act or actions of making yourself so physically attractive to a certain person or group of people, that they would be willing to and engage in sexual intercourse with you.
"Hey Bill, did you pull a bird (female) last night"? Darren asked.
"Yea, I fucked that Marley birds brains out." Bill replied.
by HPVARROCK September 18, 2013
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to take a hit from a blunt, bong, bowl, joint, ect...
yo b let me get a pull of your L
by Otto February 02, 2005
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1. pull in to kiss/make out with or snogg some one

2. to successfully attract some one sexually of the other sex
james: will you pull me

beth: sure

the make out
by lozertameskate July 15, 2009
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The term given to indicate the need to release the hit hole whilst pulling a bong hit.

Note that the term pull, on its own is used to describe how well the bong puller pulls his or her bong hit. An example of a successful pull is pulling all of the smoke out of the bong without taking a breath or coughing. An unsuccessful pull is the opposite, usually caused by the bong puller pre pulling too long before releasing the hit hole, and suffocating on the massive amounts of smoke or running out of suction power and not being able to pull all the smoke out of the bong.
Pull - More, more, more... Harder mate, harder... PULL it now mate!

Pulled - Nice one mate, you PULLED the whole bong!

Bad pull - PULL it now mate!... Release the hole mate!... You're taking too much mate, you're going to cough!... *COUGH**COUGH* Told you mate, that was a BAD PULL, you're fucking shit.

Bong pulling - Well done mate, that was supreme BONG PULLING.
by Bedard November 22, 2012
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