Word used to describe the successful act of attracting a person to such an extent that you would be able to snog or perhaps bone them if you so desired.
"With the help of my lucky Y-fronts I should pull tonight."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
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Chiefly British.
1. To kiss someone; to initiate a seduction.
2. To kiss and/or fool around with someone in competition with one's friends to see who can put up the highest numbers or attract the most beautiful people around, as much for sheer entertainment's sake as for personal satisfaction. Occurs most frequently in pubs and bars.
Watch me, I'm gonna pull every one of those lads at that table!

My mate pulled five birds at the pub last night.
by bluegrassfan December 24, 2004
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Tremendously versatile term for kissing someone with tongues who is not your girl/boyfriend - not yet anyway. Also functions as a metonymnic noun for this person.
"See that girl? I'm gonna pull her."

"Nice one, you pulled! Did you get her number?"

"Nah, she was just a random pull."
by Will_A August 19, 2005
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to take a hit from a blunt, bong, bowl, joint, ect...
yo b let me get a pull of your L
by Otto February 2, 2005
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Taking a swig off of a bottle of liquor.
We passed the bottle around and everyone took a pull.
John was sad and was sitting on the couch taking pulls from the bottle of Jack.
by Ryan S yo December 7, 2005
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Pickpocketing or lifting property, e.g. wallets, telephones, iPods, without the mark realising it at the time of theft.
That was a nice pull, the guy didn't notice a thing.
by campanile July 16, 2011
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someone who buys alcohol for underaged persons.
"we gotta find someone to pull for us friday night!"
by ashy December 17, 2004
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