A 1977-1990 Chevrolet Impala or Caprice having the square body style. Highly desirable in the Southeast USA. Succeeded by the 1990-1995 bubble.
He's riding big in his Box Chevy whip with the 26 inch hoopties.
by Squareback May 26, 2006
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Slang for TV in parts of the UK.
dude1: what's on the box?
dude2: dust
by Carnophage December 16, 2004
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One who engages in thoughtless, sometimes referred to as "stupid" actions or outbursts in speech. One can be classified a "box" if that individual frequently demonstrates careless behaviour and thoughtless releasing of verbal diarrehha, or sentences that have no relevance to a topic. Actions that are inexcusable or demonstrate impotence can be solid judgement in deeming someone a box.
Alex drank a 26 and pissed himself at a formal event, a box indeed.

Jason trying to impress his buddy, drives over a curb and loses 6 points, what a box!
by boxdemona May 23, 2008
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a measurement of sorts and the correct term in which to define a gathering of hipsters either publicly or privately
"Awe shit bro you look like shit"
"yeah man i walked through a box of hipsters on my way here, i think one of them got tea on me, so if i start talking about NPR and fair trade cigarettes don't hesitate to shoot me right in the face"
by PreTrender November 23, 2013
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1) Short for "tool box". Calling someone a box is worse than calling that person a tool, since it refers to a whole box of tools.
2) To fight using one's fists, usually in a ring, as if you were Mike Tyson.
You won't even box my 10-year-old brother? Man, you can be a real box sometimes.
by Nick D May 2, 2003
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