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a group of four girls who are best friends. and no one can damage their friendship.
1: "Dude i think im gonna dump mandy for jessica"
2: "bad idea. their in the square. they will kill you if you try to come between them. believe me ive tried"
1: "Nevermind that then."
by the squares conquer all! February 17, 2010
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Common name for Market Square in Nottingham, England. Popular hang-out for teenagers of alternative culture on a Saturday.
"You going to the square on saturday?"
by Abitha July 05, 2006
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A small neighborhood around Cutler Ridge and South Miami Heights that some say is ghetto, but it is not. It is full of wimpy-ass gangsta wannabe bitches.
Darius is a fat heffer from "The Square".

Laquanza passed by "The Square".
by Da Barracuda May 01, 2010
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