1. To say somthing about somebody or somthing in a negative way sometimes in a joke, also known as a cut down.
I cant believe she put him down like that.

A good put down is, your mom is like a racecar, she burns 4 rubbers in one night.
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
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To kill an animal 'humanly' because they are too old or too ill.

We are also totally bullshitting ourselves when we say "There's nothing we can do", "It's in too much pain", or "It'll be better off this way", especially since humans in the same conditions go to nursing homes, hostpitals, get a private nurse, wheel chairs, a ton of meds, and no one ever says "There's nothing we can do, we have to put down Grandma."
Grandpa: The dog's fourteen, and he can't move around anymore, we gotta get him put down.

Grandchild: But why, Grandpa?

Grandpa: Blame the society, not the executioner, sweetie.
by melloshark October 4, 2009
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To force love on someone ; to have / claim dominance over someone that might take you for-granted
She always left with no trace like she does every man that has the ability to love her , until he PUT DOWN , now she ain’t going nowhere!
by AuroraNay February 21, 2020
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To get jumped into a gang in an initiation
Yo, my homie got put down for Piru the other day.
by Suwoop555 December 24, 2018
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the opposite of putting up with someone
R; "I, thanks for putting up with me"

I: "R, no, I don't 'put up' with you, I am putting down with you"
R: "I love you"
by rubyrosetta February 15, 2016
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to make it known that someone is your girlfriend/boyfriend or in a relationship with you whether it be official or unofficial.
Ramon: Oh! look at that breezy over there! I'm gonna go holla at her.

Mike: Naw man. It's to late to put downs on her. That's David's girl.
by Kat Kizzle August 31, 2008
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A request to someone to admit they are wrong.

In reference to Donald Trump's infamous Sharpie mark-up of an outdated hurricane forecast map. Rather than apologize, Trump continued to lie about the hurricane risk to Alabama for days.
"Dude, just put down the Sharpie. You don't always have to be right. I'm sick of arguing about this."
by hodags1966 September 6, 2019
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