When cross with someone, approach them with a blanket from behind. Once close enough, encompass them with said blanket and proceed to pummel them and flee the scene before they realize who has assaulted them.
Bob: *Walking in the parking lot*
Mark: *Persues and throws a blanket over Bob*
Bob: "AoWWW!"
Mark: "Hehe, blanketed!"
by pcaston2 April 5, 2006
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One who will defend his or her share of blankets by any means necessary.
Oftentimes blanketeers will even go so far as to deprive the second party in the bed of adequate amounts of blanket for sufficient coverage.
"Dammit Allison, I’m freezing, you are such a blanketeer."
"Christ man, I woke up totally sans covers this morning, Ruddy is such a blanketeer."
by Luke and Dennis January 16, 2008
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The only think that keeps me safe from the cruel world when Im out of my den of depression. Thank you for your service.
Depression: Boo!

Me: Nice try, my blanket shall protect me
by Bigm0uth June 3, 2020
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When someone says something so boring that it literally puts you to sleep.
Joel: Man, that statement Tyler said was so blanket, put me right to sleep.
by meteor_melee July 22, 2020
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A warm comfortable fuzzy that keeps u warm
I was so comfy in my blanket
by Fuck my goldfish January 4, 2015
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a cloth that is like a towel, but it's usually heavier and instead of drying you, it keeps you warm. Most people like to keep blankets on their bed at night. Blankets are totally sweet
damn I love my blanket
by where am i? February 8, 2005
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the tendency to attract and/or hog all of the blankets during sleep.
I was freezing all night because my wife has an extremely high blanketivity.
by SykoSam February 20, 2009
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