The only think that keeps me safe from the cruel world when Im out of my den of depression. Thank you for your service.
Depression: Boo!

Me: Nice try, my blanket shall protect me
by Bigm0uth June 3, 2020
A warm comfortable fuzzy that keeps u warm
I was so comfy in my blanket
by Fuck my goldfish January 4, 2015
A mostly soft thing to keep warm with but is not always soft
Friend: how are you not cold
Me: I have a blanket
Large grouping of robots, in the same fashion of flock of birds or crash of rhinos.
A blanket of robots attacked the space station leaving no survivors.
by Matthew Liguori December 19, 2006
That comfy soft thing you have to take off in the morning
by Vormix May 12, 2018
A way in which you stroke someones face from forehead to chin. Can be mistaken for sexual innuendo, but dont be mistaken for the fun and creativity it brings. Other related actions are also "tea towelling" and "swiping".
"im going to blanket the shit out of you" "im going to blanket you all night long"
by blanketmaster123 October 29, 2011
A blanket is another term used for taint coined by some hill billy tree fucker in my HVAC class
You can suck my Blanket
by Qreech April 22, 2021