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A friend whore is someone on Myspace or Face book that tries to get as many friends as possible. Now, most people try to make friends, but friend whores will ask any and everyone to be their friend. These people are pretty lame.
"Member Since: May 14, 2005"
Todays date: May 19, 2005
"_______ has 114 friends..."
by where am i? May 20, 2005
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A combination of bitz and knob. Bitzknob is the ultimate name to call someone. It is so great because it sounds so great to say. BITZKNOB!!!
Person 1: "Your car is teh lamesauce"
Person2: "STFU bitzknob!"
by where am i? April 5, 2005
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these are the little stubs that come out of your hand. You have five on a hand.
jim had 5 toes but one got cut off.
by where am i? May 9, 2005
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A little chocolate that is kind of minty. They aren't that great.
I really want to eat something like jello or a granola bar, but we're all out. I guess I'll settle for a few andes mints
by where am i? March 15, 2005
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a crappy-ass internet and cable provider. They really need to stop sucking so hard.
Jim: why did you get offline and then back online every 20 minutes for the past 3 hours?
Tim: Adelphia sucks my balls
by where am i? June 3, 2006
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This is what you say to someone who you have lots of thanks for. Not just thanks, but thanks a million. It really shows how much you care.
Tim: Well I'm done painting your house
James: Thanks a million!
by where am i? May 16, 2005
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When you eat a bunch of candy and it feels really good. You say to yourself, fuck being healthy, I ate an apple today, that's enough for me. Then you proceed to eat half a bag of candy and feel so good that you go to sleep.
this afternoon I was hungry and I found some candy. It was such a candygasm.
by where am i? April 6, 2005
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