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The answer to any question.
Q. What time is it?
A. Yeah.
by where am i? February 14, 2005

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The best insult ever. You will totally PWN anyone with this retort.
Deb "I'm trying to raise money for college"
Kip: "Your mom goes to college!"

by where am i? March 07, 2005

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a cloth that is like a towel, but it's usually heavier and instead of drying you, it keeps you warm. Most people like to keep blankets on their bed at night. Blankets are totally sweet
damn I love my blanket
by where am i? February 07, 2005

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Super hip. Amazingly sweet. Fantastically cool.
you looks so fly in that outfit, you're the cat's pajamas man.
by where am i? November 10, 2005

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A friend whore is someone on Myspace or Face book that tries to get as many friends as possible. Now, most people try to make friends, but friend whores will ask any and everyone to be their friend. These people are pretty lame.
"Member Since: May 14, 2005"
Todays date: May 19, 2005
"_______ has 114 friends..."
by where am i? May 19, 2005

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1. To put your tounge on someone or something.
2. To beat someone up
1. Don't lick that, you don't know where it's been!
2. I'll give you a lickin' after school!
by where am i? February 14, 2005

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pajamas, or PJs for short, these are the clothes you wear to bed. They are often flannel and really comfy. Some silly girls wear them during the day because they think it's cool. Pajamas are generally fun to wear.
Put your pajamas on and come outside and look at the stars with me
by where am i? April 21, 2005

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