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A little chocolate that is kind of minty. They aren't that great.
I really want to eat something like jello or a granola bar, but we're all out. I guess I'll settle for a few andes mints
by where am i? March 15, 2005
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Super hip. Amazingly sweet. Fantastically cool.
you looks so fly in that outfit, you're the cat's pajamas man.
by where am i? November 10, 2005
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WARNING: Don't use coricidin to trip. Tripping on DXM is great, but not on Coricidin. See dxm.
From erowid.org:

"WARNING: Many DXM-containing products (such as Coricidin Cough and Cold)
also contain other active ingredients which can be dangerous or even fatal in
high doses."
by where am i? April 4, 2005
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A big building. Pretty much the logo of france.
I went to france and bought one of those little eiffel tower models because I'm a tourist
by where am i? March 6, 2005
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pajamas, or PJs for short, these are the clothes you wear to bed. They are often flannel and really comfy. Some silly girls wear them during the day because they think it's cool. Pajamas are generally fun to wear.
Put your pajamas on and come outside and look at the stars with me
by where am i? April 22, 2005
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To separate the components (parts) of a computer or related device and sell the parts individually. This is often done when the parts don't function as a whole, but individual parts still function and are still worth money. Sometimes parting out a computer can be very profitable.
Tim: Shit, my ibook's screen is cracked, screens are so god dammed expensive.
Jim: Just part it out and get a new one
by where am i? July 28, 2006
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A kind of metal that isn't as cool as silver or gold.
most metals are cool, but brass is lame
by where am i? March 4, 2005
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