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a cloth that is like a towel, but it's usually heavier and instead of drying you, it keeps you warm. Most people like to keep blankets on their bed at night. Blankets are totally sweet
damn I love my blanket
by where am i? February 07, 2005
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Large grouping of robots, in the same fashion of flock of birds or crash of rhinos.
A blanket of robots attacked the space station leaving no survivors.
by Matthew Liguori December 18, 2006
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A way in which you stroke someones face from forehead to chin. Can be mistaken for sexual innuendo, but dont be mistaken for the fun and creativity it brings. Other related actions are also "tea towelling" and "swiping".
"im going to blanket the shit out of you" "im going to blanket you all night long"
by blanketmaster123 October 28, 2011
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POT! "Blanket" is a codeword you use when you want to talk about weed in a public place or in front of parents or whatever. Multiply the number of blankets by ten to get their monetary value. If someone isn't getting it, try "green blankets."
1. "Dude, I'm cold, let's go get warm with some blankets."

2. "Oh man I have 8 blankets in the back of my car, we are having FUN tonight."

3. "Hey I think I left a couple blankets in your car, have you seen them?"
by Burner aka Klitz December 31, 2005
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You people are fucking retarded! A blanket is a Sheet, or 100 hits, of LSD.
This is why no child left behind doesn't work: No one actually knows what the fuck a Blanket really is. smh.
by T.Scriber001 November 13, 2011
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A little bitch ,they cry a lot because they are bitches.
person1: Hey whats wrong?
person2: sob* I don't want to watch this scary movie
person1:Stop being a little blanket
by mr feeney June 07, 2007
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