Meaning something that makes you feel warm on the inside. Its similar to cool or awesome, but is more personal. You can refer to someone being warm if they do something that is really shway or makes you happy on a personal level as opposed to just a social one.
"Hey, I really like hanging with you all. Would it be cool if I smoke you guys up?"

"Yeah dude...That would be so warm"

"Thanks man, y'all are pretty warm yourselves"
by WeAreReunited January 31, 2014
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a girl with a HOT body but with a COLD attitude.
Guy 1: Yo, I'm really sprung over this fine brezie.
Guy 2: Yeah? She look good but she warm. She ain't gonna respect anything you say.
by getnflyykix March 6, 2009
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I was so warm when I saw you last night!
by CHINKA!!! November 28, 2004
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Musical term that can mean almost anything you want it to mean. Distortion, reverb, heavy bass, just about anything that isn't... uh... "cold". Basically synonymous with "good". Unless it's TOO "warm". Used mostly when talking about synthesizers, guitars, or recording.

Not to be confused with "fat" or "phat".
-"But listen to how WARM it sounds!"
-"Do you mean the mild distortion?"
-"Nah man, it's WARM!"
-"'Warm' is something you feel. It means nothing when talking about music. Water is warm, music is not warm. You're using a blanket term to cover up for your own lack of knowledge. Advertisers only use it because they're pandering to idiots like you."
by Bushy McCotton November 9, 2010
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When you're chilling by a fire. One of the best cold weather vibes. Can be witnessed at the local beach, campground, or by your fireplace.
Person 1: "Y'all wanna chill by the fire?"
Person 2: "Theres a word for that bro, it's called warming"
by mondal December 15, 2020
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Referring to someones coolness. Someone who is well respected, interesting, popular, fun to be around and slightly sexy. Everyone wants to be warm.
Joe 1: Dude your so warm.

Joe 2: You mean cool?
Joe 1: No, I mean warm.
by Szechuan2319 December 28, 2011
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Warm is when u cool and hot at the same time
by Bigfathothuman August 12, 2019
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