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You have been awake for 18 hours and are now viewing this useless definition of sleep. You are very tired and your brain is not functioning at its normal capacity. The bags under your eyes are starting to weigh you down. It's 1:30am and you have to get up at 6:30am for work. Another coffee wont help you now...
Turn off your computer and get some sleep you net junky!!
by devo February 04, 2004
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The best thing to do after a long,stressful day at work.Also good for getting rid of the cold and the flu.
Ethan went to sleep,and he doesn't have the flu anymore.
by The Guy of Enlightenment June 04, 2016
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Something underestimated until you don't get enough of it.
I didn't get enough sleep last night. I feel like shit.
by MrWard October 19, 2009
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when the body becomes in an unconsious state and the body's five senses are not intact,a time for rest typically eight hours a night,you may have a dream about something you were thinking about before you fell asleep,unfortunely there are many sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.many people use stimulants such as caffeine to prevent falling re-energize during sleep.The average human spends one third of their life sleeping.
I'm so tired i need sleep.I love sleep it's my favorite thing to do.
by jaket February 24, 2008
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