To have sex with a woman; to participate in hard intercourse
I'm going to pummel her so hard.
We were up all night pummelling
by Lee Tulloch April 07, 2005
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to physically desecrate/destroy the vagina of a female
Common to shout during or after a fiece and/or rapid sexual encounter.

Man : You just got pummeled.
by digitalevil1 December 13, 2009
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To be beaten to a pulp and therefore no longer able to continue your feeble attempts at living.
Marty is gunna get pummelled for being so insolent
by Fabbers July 25, 2006
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A Fitness Freak who gets enjoyment from intense workout to the point of sickness, all in the name of being shredded
You gunna Pummel today?
by whaddado November 03, 2016
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When you and your partner are having hard pounding sex and it becomes aggresivevly unpleasant
If you don't make me a decent cup of tea you're going to get a good pummeling in the ass
by church fart September 06, 2015
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when your friend hits you,with his bare fists..... and you get pissed off....!
sam: hey your gf has smal
jeff: i pummeled you this week five times for this you fuck-head...!!
by hotdoug 69 April 08, 2010
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Noun: Applied to one who is adept at pummeling. (See 'pummel' for definition)
Andrew Hay is 'The Pummeler'
by Moray Swan August 26, 2005
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