To have sex with a woman; to participate in hard intercourse
I'm going to pummel her so hard.
We were up all night pummelling
by Lee Tulloch April 7, 2005
to physically desecrate/destroy the vagina of a female
Common to shout during or after a fiece and/or rapid sexual encounter.

Man : You just got pummeled.
by digitalevil1 December 14, 2009
To be beaten to a pulp and therefore no longer able to continue your feeble attempts at living.
Marty is gunna get pummelled for being so insolent
by Fabbers July 26, 2006
A Fitness Freak who gets enjoyment from intense workout to the point of sickness, all in the name of being shredded
You gunna Pummel today?
by whaddado November 4, 2016
When you and your partner are having hard pounding sex and it becomes aggresivevly unpleasant
If you don't make me a decent cup of tea you're going to get a good pummeling in the ass
by church fart September 6, 2015
when your friend hits you,with his bare fists..... and you get pissed off....!
sam: hey your gf has smal
jeff: i pummeled you this week five times for this you fuck-head...!!
by hotdoug 69 April 8, 2010
Noun: Applied to one who is adept at pummeling. (See 'pummel' for definition)
Andrew Hay is 'The Pummeler'
by Moray Swan August 26, 2005