4 definitions by meteor_melee

When someone says something so boring that it literally puts you to sleep.
Joel: Man, that statement Tyler said was so blanket, put me right to sleep.
by meteor_melee July 21, 2020
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Means "One of the best."

Can be used as a compliment or to describe something.
Joel: ay bro which restaurant we headin to
Nathan: we heading to five guys their cheeseburger is ootb

Frank: i just found yo homework at school want me to bring it to you
Tyler: yea thx you ootb
by meteor_melee November 04, 2020
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A BetterTTV emote that is used to express excitement/hype in a Twitch chat.
coolguy88: YO WHO IS THIS GUY PogU

weirdchampion1: HOW DOES HE DO IT PogU
by meteor_melee May 28, 2020
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A BetterTTV emote that is used whenever a streamer does something weird/questionable or HAS done something weird or questionable
personguy121: i remember what you did FeelsWeirdMan

cool_face_guy: not playing cs:go FeelsWeirdMan
by meteor_melee June 01, 2020
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