euphamism for bloody.
reddish in colour.
Where's that ruddy lightbulb? I'm ruddy sick of losing em!
by Profanity personified April 6, 2004
Someone completely ignorant of historical fact and world affairs.
1 "man did you hear about the super collider in CERN being activated?"

2 " no no man, French commandos blew it up!"

1 "Man your such a ruddy"

rudy rube
by Kingverner June 29, 2011
Strong, smart and handsome. A savory and sexy man.
Damn...he ruddy!
by <3cummon November 23, 2011
Meaning a very savage Irish surname!
dude 1 "damn what's that girls surname?"
dude 2 "Ruddy"
both dudes "she's savage"
by maniac321 September 22, 2010
1: a risky situation that people usually take precaution to.
2: if something is low quality or a scam.

Don't go down that lane its ruddy as.
You know that Tony guy? The stuff he sells is so fucking ruddy, I wouldn't trust him
by _emiliokc_ March 9, 2017
The act of agressivly pursuing women without throught to the consequences. Often a bribe of sweeties is used to tempt the lady.
"I will ruddy rud that girl and I don't go who knows it"
by rudster January 4, 2010
Reaching an intoxicated stage from mixes of spirits and lagers at pre-drinks.
Will - "Mate, you making it to town?"
Charlie - "Dunno lad, those sourz and tetley's got me ruddied"
by loudeyzo July 28, 2017