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Tyler is the most amazing person you will ever meet in this world. Although they are stubborn and very stupid sometimes, they will make you the happiest people in the world. They're so caring even if they can't show it all the time. They're a little more scared and confused than they'd like to admit. They act like complete bad asses but they're still scared to ever get hurt. They have piercing blue eyes and a smile they will melt you to pieces. An even better laugh that will make you smile so big your cheeks hurt when you hear it. Everything about them is perfect. Their hands are the best hands to hold. So big, strong feeling when you hold them. They make you feel secure. When they hold you in their arms that's the happiest you'll ever be again. No place, no person; after you feel that bliss of being in their arms, will ever compare. The way they hold you, how strong their arms are around you while they're rocking you to sleep. You feel so safe and secure. Like nothing could hurt you or ever break your happiness. Sometimes they come from a rough past. Which is difficult. But you just have to show them that you love them. They're harder to deal with then most boys, but they are definitely worth it in the end. If you give it time, they'll love you forever.
Friend: Hey turn around there's Tyler

You: *even after 4 years* Gosh I still fall for that boy everyday.

Friend: Tyler is so cute!

You: I know I love his eyes.
by annonn_ July 17, 2014
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The absolute rat of rats, the whiniest of men. Probably complains about problems that don’t exist. Just wants drama for the clout; a rat. Definitely doesn’t know how World Series balls spin. Name can be used to substitute other names in the case of acting like a Tyler.
Stop whining, Tyler.
by Leonardhoe June 07, 2018
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The most amazingl, wonderful person u will ever encounter in your life. Tyler's may be super cute, but they r known mostly for their personalities. They are described in one word as perfection. They truly know how to make u happy. With no effort they use their humor and make everyone laugh. Even if u havent met a tyler in person, just texting them makes u happy. They arent always "popular" but if u give tyler a chance u will learn he is great in every way! they love to laugh and r very fun people to be around. Usually athletic but when they arent, they r still in good shape and have nice abs! ;P losing connection with a tyler will be the worst mistake of your life. Most people say u dont realise how much u care about someone until u lose them. It's different with Tyler's though. Once u begin to talk to a tyler, u start to have feelings for him amd care for him; whether it's a friendship or even more. You start to care for him from the begining. Thats just how great he is. He's different than all guys u will ever meet. He is perfection. He is Tyler.
Person 1: Nobody's perfect!
Person 2: Not true! you obviosly haven't met Tyler yet!
by BriEsp January 20, 2013
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A cheater with a small dick and multiple personalities. A Tyler wouldn't know what loyalty meant if he was hit upside the head with it.
He can be obsessed with you one minute and calling you a hoe the next. He's got mommy issues and wants to call you mommy while f*cking
Did you see that guy over there screaming mommy?
You mean the one getting the blow job? Yeah that's Tyler
by Anonymousrdp November 23, 2018
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An extremely jealous nut. If you've dated one you'll know. They'll do anything to interfere with your happiness. Spread ugly rumors, lie to your face, anything really.

Physically, they have large ears and spaces between their yellow teeth. Their poor hygiene results in a pizza like face with lots of acne. And they wear big ugly cowboy boots with everything.

Sadly most girls have them figured out and they have to go further and further away from their town to date. But within days these girls figure them out too.
Girl1. Is that Tyler or a pizza?
Boy1. Yes it is a Tyler, let's honk at them
by Anonymousrdp December 01, 2018
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