Someone you love. Someone you care about. Someone who is a life time best friend.
Someone who is always there for you. Someone who is extremely pretty. Someone who is very important in your life. Someone who can make you laugh. Someone who you can never replace.
by Mafaaa September 13, 2018
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A boo is a girl/guy that can be there for you whenever you need them therefore you might even call your love one boo
Hey,"boo" how is it going.
by Wiley_Redcrane23 February 16, 2015
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A small spherically shaped ghost that is only visable when your back is turned.
Mario tried to kill the boo, but every time he turned around to hit it, it vanished.
by naveregnide May 22, 2007
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Its a big scary
Tony: boo
Mark: ahhh
Tony: oh hi mark
by Whatacunundrum September 2, 2020
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