prevent (a person or place) from having or using something.

Take back something.
the city was deprived of its water supplies
by Zaidi June 30, 2015
1. Unable to attract a member of the opposite sex. 2. To go without positive contact with those of the opposite sex for extended periods of time.
I'm almost 17 years old and never had a girlfriend or gone any further than hugs. I'm really fucking deprived.
by obie trice June 11, 2003
The choice of life style where the depression of not having a female partner takes over and you allow the deprived part of you to take over.
Bob "Fuck man The deprivity is hitting me"

Dave "I've been deprived"
by The man from the Rex December 6, 2016
one really fcuken skilled sexy ass counterstrike player.
damn yo, i just got my ass owned by that "deprived" playa.
by happybunny January 30, 2004
What the tits definition users and likers are
by Thesauruz5 January 20, 2021
Parental deprived deprivation Is when a parent is deprived of their child or children, meaning they have no contact with the child anymore, it could be because of a divorce, by the court system when child is put up for adoption, or by death of a child. - The parent Mentally breaks down during the grieving process that could last for years .
She lost her child and now she has “Parental Deprived Deprivation” and depressed .. Her child probably has “ Maternal Deprivation”
by Pink Cinnamon March 14, 2019