Being so in love it's beyond euphoria that could be described as hopeless romance, comparable to having butterflies.
"You make me feel so fuzzy!"
"Oh god, man. Don't tell me you're already fuzzy for her!"
by Dustin Rambo April 19, 2006
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Fuzzy, point that muzzle up and down range.
by SGT. K September 24, 2007
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Someone who is kind of a furry, but is in denial. Probably has a lot of stuffed animals.
Oh my god, did you hear about Quinn? Apparently they’re a fuzzy...
by fasfasfdsbgdfhdgjdf February 9, 2019
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A term of endearment between loved ones, said mostly when saying good-bye or when someone does something nice for you.
Okay, I'll talk to you later, I love you, you're fuzzy! OR That was very fuzzy of you to lend me your car!
by Er-10 Cricket August 17, 2006
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A synonym for the word cool; a word meaning awesome or fun.
Me: Yo, man! That scooter is fuzzy!

Person: Thanks, dude!
by Julian Alvarez January 4, 2004
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a shaved head on a guy/girl that has begun to grow out.
Did you see David today? Man, he has a major fuzzy goin' on !
by big "B" August 18, 2008
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The state of being during a comedown from takin way too much illegal substances the night previous.
conversation between 2pillheads the next day

person1---get the kettle on ya radge
person2---fuck off, ahm feelin too fuzzy to do fuck all.
by mat April 5, 2004
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