the most delicate flower waiting to bloom in my mouth
tendy-chan leaves drops of honey everywere she sits
by duckipups November 12, 2004
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a disorder whereby a person has recurring thoughts about breaking wind in crowded and, often times, confined places (This is a dangerous situation in which the person in question is on the verge of becoming a sphincter Sinatra if he/she does not receive professional help or, at the very least, a bitch slap by his/her friends.)
Paratrooper: Sarge, I know it’s not the time but I keep thinking about plantin’ some onion.
Jumpmaster: GOT DAMN IT!!! Ya better at-ease those flatusidal tendencies or I’ll toss your goat-smellin’ ass off this bird right now, green light or not.
by goose_on_a_roof October 16, 2020
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3 “breathing” users go to defeat Aztec Gods that slept for ages one “dies under a rock” then they have an epic race and then “kars” cheats and becomes the ultimate life form then gets yeeted in to space
Man, you breath a lot, you must have a “battle tendency”
by Lunarant October 4, 2020
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A band so cool that they used to make a sport out of kicking Rikki Rachtman's gay ass!
Suicidal Tendencies was fucking awesome.Too bad todays' music is all gay ass poser shitmetal and emo-pussy crap.
by fuck Satan in the ass July 4, 2006
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Typically applies to men who exhibit personality traits consistent with American high school girls (the bitchy types you see in films). Men with bitch tendencies may show one or more of the following traits:

1. Talking about someone in a negative manner when that person is not present to defend themselves.

2. Making snide comments disguised as banter.

3. Taking offence to the kind of comments they will freely dish out to others (see 2.)

What is paculiar about men with bitch tendencies is that they may otherwise appear normal, and at first glance wouldn't appear as the bitchy type. It is often only after you get to know someone that you discover they have bitch tendencies, at which point your respect for them will rapidly vanish.
Robin: yo Tom, why's Plug always badmouthing people when they're not here?

Tom: That's just Plug, dudes got bitch tendencies.


Barry: Whys Ian in a huff and not talking to anyone? He only got as good as he gave.

Duncan: That's his bitch tendencies ..he'll happily offend anyone else but god forbid anyone offends him.
by 32YearsKuntAndBuoy February 7, 2018
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