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Bid is Street slang for a prison sentence
My man is doing a bid in Rikers for attempted murder
by Conrad June 19, 2003
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Pulling someone into the public and making a spectacle of them...
Her hair look a mess aww she the bid
by Whoishayleigh September 03, 2018
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DMX - Slippin

Was it my fault that my father left his frist kid? At 7, doin my first bid!
by some polak September 09, 2004
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A slang phrase used to describe an amount of time served in a jail and or prison sentence.
NAS: "my niggas come home from long bids, they check on me before they see they own kids"
by fresh prince lamont January 29, 2008
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B.I.D - bitch in disguise.

a B.I.D will act all friendly and pretend they are sweet and kind to everyone, but as soon as you piss one off, they show there true colours.

this can also be them being two faced.
your girlfriend moves to another country, you give it a while and tell her it's not gonna work, she flips out and does everything in her power to hurt you.

your friends with someone, and they say vindictive things about you to your other friend.

B.I.D ^
by kirkm April 23, 2010
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Brony in Denial.

Some guy saying that my little pony is for little girls, but secretly loves it.
Person 1: Have you seen the new show, my little pony friendship is magic? Gosh it's so gay.

Person 2: Yeah man, I hate it.

After both guys get home, they quickly get behind their computer to watch my little pony friendship is magic.

In this scenario, both guys are B.I.D's.
by LeLucas January 15, 2012
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